Well as I am basically a novice I only know the basics and that

is what I will deal with on this site. Here are some rules to live by

or if not DIE BY.



Regardless of what safety equipment you carry or training /experience

you may have none are as important as having the help of a partner in

an emergency


2. Do a Basic Sea Kayaking Course or if you can not afford it spend sometime

with someone who knows the basics. Spend sometime in a pool or pond learning

rescues, how to get in and out of your kayak, strokes etc... SeaKayaking is a

Water Sport you must know how to get back in your kayak in the event that you tip



3. Thermal Protection

Here in Newfoundland the ocean water is cold all year round. Most are comfortable

wearing a wetsuit in the late summer months but most of the year you must have a Dry Suit


As I said these are the bascis....for more information on Sea Kayak Safety click:




©2005 Tony Lee

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