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Rick Bartels
Comments:Great site, very well done. Very nice phots al well!!

What is the wooden boast you ar paddling in some pics?

Dave (the stallion) Lee
Comments:My brother Tony is the coolest guy around and by far the best kayaker on the island and perhaps even the country. Hey maybe even the world.Prove me wrong I bet you can't. Tony Lee rocks

P.S his really good looking younger brother sells personalized jigsaw puzzles. Great Christmas gifts.

Paul Benson
comment: I've got a feeling this is going to be a great site.
Good luck!



Comment:caught you on p-net just checkin things out :-)


Dave Moncur
Comment:Great photos. This site is one to be bookmarked and visited periodically

to see how you folks on the Rock are making out.


Alison Dyer
Comments: nice site tony. hope you've got those waivers for all your models :)


Louise Green
Comments: Excellent website. nice pictures also....


Laurie Brown
Comments: Nice job, The picture at the top will soon be you in the
new boat, enjoy. Hopefully someday we can hook up for some paddling in NFLD


Comments:Hello, Congratulations on your website. Although a beginner,
I paddle all year round with a group of friends in Spain's Eastern coast.
All the best,
Ignacio Wenley Palacios.


John Diebel
Comments:Greetings from Hancock, MI. Greatly enjoyed the pictures of your
beautiful land. Might suggest having the top graphic go away when viewing
pictures to make it easier to hit the Next or Previous without
repositioning the pictures on the screen. Best wishes.


Comments:Hi Tony...Love the site...great pictures!


Margaret Wells
Comments:Great site! Good luck with it


John Watton
Comments:Only on calm days!




Graham Hill
Comments:Great Pictures and a great nerve


Diane Newton
Comments:The best website I have ever seen. Must be done by a famous web designer.


Comments: great pics..spelling error under "Safety" 10 words from the end "basics"
See people will read, you might want to give them a little script info as pictures are

cool but should be part of a story...i.e. oil slick pics could tell a great story..
Great site though..well done


Comments: See what happens when I introduce someone to kayaking!! Nice website MR. Lee!!

Amanda Hickey
Comments:Good job Tony!


Comments: good stills, now we need some streaming video, similar to
survivorman on OLN


Mark Joy
Girl in the yellow kayak is pretty cute....


Rick Hayes
Comments:Nicely done site - will prowl thru the trip reports later. Might be able to send some pix if you'rte interested.


Keith Elms
Comments:Just viewed Flat Rock to Pouch Cove Pics. Amazing Geology there! Thanks for a great tour of an area I have yet to paddle. You have a great site to show new or non paddlers how good the paddling is in this area of NFLD. I've paddled several of the areas you have posted and don't have pic's so it helps me show others where I have been as well. Look forward to your next trip pic's!!!


Tony Roestenberg
Comments:Excellent site. The pictures of Flatrock - Pouch Cove were outstanding, especially in terms of scale. This site is a great advertisement for the sport and the Province. Thanks for the pics and work gone into it.


mark button
Comments:nice pics


Comments:Tony & Leslie, I love looking at your site I hope one day soon I will get a chance to paddle with you both.


Bruce Cooper
Comments: Fantastic site Tony from a design and content perspective. I wasn't able to attend the retreat, but I have spent over 30 minutes revewing your photo album and feel like I have a good sense of what happened. I have to make this a priority for next year. Thanks for your effort.


Karen Parmiter
Comments: WOW - Back home in NL and been looking for a bunch of people of like-mind for months! It does take time after being out-of-the-loop for years in Nova Scotia. Great photos! Sorry I missed a great event! Hope to meet you all on the water soon!

ralph smith
Comments: I"m a novice kayaker living in st. john"s. trying diferent models, like sea kayaking best.


don waxman
Comments:beautiful website!


Pierre Huard
Comments: Congratulation for new Capella. Your girlfriend has great taste. Your new Capella looks just like the p&h Quest I bought last fall. The Quest being simply a longer version of the Capella. When I saw your new kayak, I knew You 'd like it. Have a lot of fun this summer, enjoy it. I can see the weather in Nfdl is as crummy as the one we have out here, six weeks of rain out of the last eight. Denise and I are getting ready for our next summer big kayak trip. From Chicoutimi to Québec city, 100 km on the saguenay fjord and 250km on the Saint- Laurent. I will send you a couple of pictures when we get back.


Ronnie Greene
Comments:Hi Tony, I saw you guys on the highway yesterday. I wondered who you were and where
you had paddled. What did you think of the Placentia Sound? I spend the
last 7 days kayaking with Jim Kelly on the Level 2 CRCA course.


Comments:what a great website and wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them!


Gordon and Janet Watton
Comments: Beautiful; just viewed your pictures. Wish we were there. Can smell the sea air! Have a great summer.

Pamela Hewitt
Comments: great photos of kayaking in NF. Interesting to see what my
husband Mark was doing for a week!


Brian Newhook
Comments:Great looking site. Its nice to show the rest of the world our wonderful island. Its a paddling paradise.  See you on the water!

John Knight
Comments:Looking at your images sure gives me the itch to get back to The Rock to see everyone and do some paddling.  Great images, Tony.  See you this summer.


Bill Rowsell
Comments:I noticed your link to this site from an email posted to the Pictou
County Paddler's site. I envy you paddling with Wendy and Freya - I would
like to join them in the Bay of Exploits. You have an interesting website - I was surprised to notice that you didn't
have a link to a local manufacturer ( Sea-Knife ) Is there any reason for this? It's difficult to find any feedback on their boats except on their website, do you have any experience or anecdotes to pass on to a paddler of
a Tieken double looking for a good boat.

Jim Kelly
comment: Fantastic Job Tony. Site looks GREAT!

Its really coming together with more details to come!!

Now, you need more trips, starting tonight!

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